Tornado History

Growing up in the Loami area, Stan Workman never saw a tornado or its aftermath.Now that he’s the police chief, Workman has been through three since 2006. The latest on Wednesday destroyed nine houses, heavily damaged more than a dozen others and tore siding and roofing from an untold number of buildings in the village of 804. And Workman is more skilled than he’d like to be in establishing curfews, working with outside agencies and otherwise dealing with disasters.

“Definitely, it gets better operationally each time, but we really don’t want to keep doing this,” Workman said. “Everyone’s saying, ‘Is Loami the new tornado alley?’” (source State Journal Register Aug 21, 2009)


8/6/1977:  Touched down 3 miles south-southwest of Loami, and moved through open fields for about 1.3 miles. touching down 3 miles south-southwest of Loami.mainly passing through fields, but destroying buildings on two farms.

5/16/1986: Brief touchdown near Loami.

5/27/1996:  This tornado initially touched down in an open field 2 miles west of Loami, then lifted before touching down again 1 mile south of Loami

3/12/2006:  This tornado moved in from Morgan County, and was on the ground for 12 miles

4/2/2006:  One of 7 tornadoes to occur in Sangamon County on this date.  This tornado touched down 4 miles southwest of Loami.

  • 3/8/2009:  Touched down 6 miles southwest of Loami, and moved northeast to near Loami.


  • Loami Aug 18, 2009
  •   This tornado moved in from Morgan County, and traveled 16 miles across Sangamon County, crossing through Loami before lifting near Chatham.
  • Ten homes destroyed. Another dozen badly damaged.
  • Trees, limbs and power lines down throughout the area, limiting access to some sections of the community.
  • Scattered areas without electricity and phone service.

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